Today’s successful shopping trip

The weather was really gorgeous here today. It was warm enough to wear only a light sweater, which is almost unheard of in Alberta in March. No complaints here!

I currently have a few projects on the go right now so I decided to run over to Home Depot to pick up some needed supplies while my son was at a birthday party.

I stopped at the paint department to get a couple of paint testers for my sneak peek project coming tomorrow. While I was at the paint counter, the really nice sales lady told me that Home Depot is no longer carrying Martha Stewart’s line of paints. I had no idea! They will only be carrying Martha’s new textured paints and metallic paints, which are supposed to be arriving soon here in Canada. Of course she said that they will still be able to have any of Martha’s paint colors mixed in another brand of paint.

Anyway,  the nice sales lady told me that all of Martha Stewart latex tester sized paints are currently marked down to only $1.00 a tester! Here in Canada our testers usually are priced at $4.99 a piece.

I was so excited, I couldn’t run over to the clearance box fast enough.




I went a little overboard and bought 12 testers which came to $12.72 with GST (Goods and Services tax) . Had I paid regular price they would have cost $63.47, so I think I got an excellent deal at a savings of $50.75. I love it when I find awesome deals!



Since I plan on using these mainly for craft projects they are the perfect size just for this purpose. This tester comes with a built-in brush, but I plan to just pour out the paint into another container. These testers will also be easy to store and one tester can usually complete at least a project or two.


The colours that I picked out were:


Sharkey Grey: a nice neutral gray color.



Crevecoeur: a greeny brown color. Great to use as a base for aging glazes.



and Araucana Teal: a nice aqua colour. It reads like a very bright aqua but I can remedy that with adding a little bit of white paint if I want a more subtle colour.




Click on the paint tester can below to see the colours currently offered by Martha Stewart’s paint line. Keep in mind that the paint colours on your computer screen may look different than the actual colour.



Not all of the colours that are offered as testers were available at my Home Depot store unfortunately, as they were really picked over. At that price I can see why. I may have to check out some of our other stores to see if they have more selection.

I am also not sure if Martha’s paints are on clearance in the U.S., but I was told by the nice sales lady that they should be marked down as clearance all over Canada. I guess the best thing to do would be to call the paint department at your local Home Depot and ask if they too have marked these paints down to $1.00.




For $1.00 a tester you can’t go wrong.


If I were you, I would run, not walk to your nearest Home Depot store and load up on the savings!


Stay tuned for a sneak peek of one of my favorite projects to date, coming tomorrow!







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  1. Carolyn

    Thanks for the tip! Just raided 2 local home depots in Ontario. Slim pickings but what a bargain. Pastely colours will look great on papier mache easter eggs. Love your blog Carrie.

    1. Carrie

      Thank you for letting me know that you were able to find the Martha Stewart paint at Home Depot where you live. I actually went back the other day and bought some more of the testers. They are such a great deal it is hard to pass them up. Yes, you are right, the pastel colours will look wonderful on paper mache Easter egg forms.

      Thanks again for stopping by.