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More of my absolute favorite products for furniture refinishing

I am sorry that it has been so quiet around here lately. As I mentioned in my last post, a few days ago I injured my back while lifting a piece of furniture out of my husband’s truck and I haven’t been feeling well since. The buffet that I was lifting was not overly heavy and I have lifted other pieces of furniture before with no problems. This time, I was fine until I went to put my end of the buffet down and then I felt a sharp pain in the middle of my back near my spine. I didn’t realize that I injured my back until an hour later when I knew I had done something wrong! I had thought that maybe I had just twisted things the wrong way.

Since then, the pain has been getting progressively worse so I have been living off pain killers which makes me a little drowsy. I also can’t sit in one position for too long so sitting and writing is a very uncomfortable. I have had a sore back before but this is way beyond that!

For that reason, today’s post will be a little shorter than usual. I am sure that after a couple more days rest I will be feeling better and will be back to my usual activities.

Have you ever injured your back before? What things did you do that helped you to feel better?



I had mentioned in PART ONE of my favorite products for furniture refinishing HERE that I planned to share some more products with you in the near future. So I am here today to share four more products that I love to use when working on transforming a piece of furniture. These products will help you to not only achieve a professional look and feel to your furniture piece but they will help to make your life a little easier throughout the entire process.


This first product you may already own or you may have seen it on TV or in home improvement stores. It’s Frog Tape.


FrogTape 1358463 Multi-Surface Painting Tape, Green, 0.94-Inch Wide by 60 Yards Long


Before becoming a Frog Tape advocate, I used to buy the regular blue or green painter’s tape. I found that the regular tape kept the paint from bleeding under the area that I had taped off only some of the time. It was a hit or miss! Also, when I would remove the tape from my piece of furniture, part of my newly applied paint would come off with it no matter how gently I removed the tape. I felt like screaming so loud that the neighbors would hear me when that would happen. I was so frustrated! It’s not like you can easily touch things up so it won’t be noticeable at that point!

Can you relate to this problem when using regular painter’s tape?


One day I was in the painting department at Home Depot picking up some rollers and brushes and came across Frog Tape. First, the green container stood out to me and I had remembered seeing a commercial on TV about it. I was about to grab a roll off the shelf and then I noticed the price!  A little more than I was used to paying for painter’s tape! I decided to give it a try anyway. Maybe it would work as well as the commercial said it would.

The first time I tried Frog tape, I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked. Even though it seemed like the tape didn’t stick firmly to the edges of the wood, there was no bleeding of paint underneath at all. The edges came out clear and crisp. The tape also came off really easily and didn’t pull off any of my freshly applied paint. So amazing! I was jumping for joy at that point!

If you are still using regular painter’s tape, you may want to give Frog Tape a try. Seriously, I will never go back to the old painter’s tape again, even when painting walls in my house. It saves me so much time and frustration!


Beauti-Tone Latex Glazing Liquid


Another favorite of mine is Beauti-Tone Latex Glazing Liquid from Home Hardware. I use it every time I prepare a colored glaze to apply on the piece of furniture I am working on.

If you haven’t used a glazing medium before, you mix it with either latex paint or acrylic paint. I usually mix mine as 8 parts glazing liquid to one part paint. Glazing liquid helps to give you more time to manipulate your color on your furniture piece so that it doesn’t dry too quickly. When mixed with paint, it also helps to bring out the details in carved appliques and chunky moldings.

Glazing medium can be found in many different brands and at almost any hardware store. This glazing medium is my favorite and here in Canada it is only $14.99 per can.



Shur-Line 04970C 4-Inch Foam Mini Roller Refills, Contractor Pack of 6


I use foam rollers exclusively for painting furniture along with foam brushes. I know some people swear by painting furniture with a paint brush. I just have had the best results when using these 4″ foam rollers.

These rollers don’t leave marks in my finish, like using a regular paint brush would, and they leave the surface of the wood even and smooth. After applying a paint finish with these rollers the surface is very easy to sand smooth with almost no effort.

This brand, Shur-line is my favorite because it doesn’t leave roller “bits” in my paint and it leaves a silky-smooth finish on my painted surface. I have purchased foam rollers from the Dollar Store before just to compare, these Shur-Line rollers are worth paying extra for!



General Finishes High Performance Varnish


Finally, my last favorite item is General Finishes High Performance Varnish in Satin. This is my all-time favorite topcoat for the furniture that I refinish. It can be found at Lee Valley following the link above.

This top coat is very durable so it perfect for table-tops and other furniture pieces that will get lots of use. It is also non-yellowing so it will not yellow your light-colored furniture like polyurethane coatings will.

To apply this coating it is best to use a brush. The best technique that works for me is to load a healthy amount of this topcoat onto your brush and apply it to your surface in a straight line, each time taking up more coating on your brush from your can. Apply this finish quickly and avoid brushing over the area more than twice. You want a fairly thick, even coat on the surface as this coating will self-level. You will be left with very little, if at all brush marks on your piece if you use this technique.

This top coat also dries very quickly so another coat can be applied about 30 minutes later. I always sand lightly with 400 grit sandpaper in between coats which makes the resulting finish feel like velvet. You want to apply at least 3 coats of this finish to your piece in places that won’t see much wear and 4-5 coats on table tops and other areas that will see the most wear.

My last tip is to let this finish cure at least 3 weeks before placing heavy objects on top of it and at least a week before placing light objects on top. I know it seems like it is a long time to wait but if you do you will be left with a very durable finish that will withstand every day use.


Well there you have it. If you haven’t tried these products before I hope you decide to give them a try. They make furniture painting and refinishing that much easier.

Where can you find out more about these products? For most of the products I have mentioned, you can just click on the link below each of the photos to go to Amazon (my affiliate sponsor),  Home Hardware or Lee Valley. For some of these products, you should also be able to find them at your local hardware store.


To read PART ONE of this post please click here.


Well, I am off to rest my back. I hope to be back here in full force in 2-3 days. By then I should hopefully be back working on my projects again. Thanks for being so patient with me in the meantime. I appreciate that you take the time to stop by and read my posts.


I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.





Some of the products suggested in this post are brought to you by my affiliate-sponsor, Amazon. Although it is a sponsored post written by me, all of the thoughts expressed about the suggested products are 100% my own and are of my honest opinion. Please take precautions when using the products I have mentioned and familiarize yourself with the instructions on the labels before use.

You can read my full disclosure here.


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