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Fueling the creativity: junkin’ on my lunch break

Hello friends! One more day and it is the weekend! Yeah! I am so looking forward to it!

How about you? What do you have planned for this weekend?


When it starts getting closer to the weekend, I find that it is really hard for me to concentrate on my work during the day when all I can think about is heading on over to our local antique mall to check out the new arrivals. What’s a girl to do but sneak over to the said antique mall on her one hour lunch break to get in her “junkin’ fix” for the week.

Shhhhh… please don’t tell my husband. Haha!

Actually, he knows that I sometimes spend time there. He just tells me “don’t bring anything else home!” In reply, I tell him that I am only going there for some inspiration. This is true for the most part, unless I find something that just has to come home with me!

Does your husband or wife say the same thing to you?

I do know that I usually only buy something if it is a great price. I will only go above my budget when I find something that is so incredibly awesome that I just have to have it and if I pass it up I will regret it. So most of the time when I go shopping I come home empty-handed.

I recently made a guideline for myself that I won’t bring anything into my house unless I absolutely love it or I have a use for it. Otherwise if I went crazy shopping everyday and brought all of the things home that caught my attention, my house might be scheduled in for an episode of Hoarders!



Old Strathcona Antique Mall


This is the Antique Mall that I visited yesterday. The Old Strathcona Antique Mall has over 300 booths on two levels and it is filled to the brim with everything vintage and antique including a large assortment of antique furniture. Sometimes there are deals to be had here but most of the time I just go to look around. Unfortunately, some things are way overpriced because the vendors know that people here love to shop for vintage items and they think that people should have to pay extra for it.




There are quite a few booths there displaying Shabby chic and cottage style decor like this one. Do you see the bookcase in the middle of the photo? I like the idea of lining the inside of a bookcase with sheet music! It updates a plain bookcase from boring to fabulous for very little money.




I would of snapped up these transferware dishes in a second but they were a little out of my budget. That’s ok. I will keep an eye out in the thrift stores and at garage sales for some other pieces to add to my collection.




I also loved this bubble milk glass cream and sugar set.  Very unique!




What about this beautiful white cottage night stand?




Or the gorgeous Gothic-style display cabinet on the far left?






There are a lot of these vintage kitchen scales to be found…




and large collections of vintage tins and jars. Do some of these bring back memories or what?




I thought this large framed world map was really cool. If I were to buy it I would paint out the frame white and then distress it before hanging it on my wall in my office.




I really liked this bottle because of its time-worn finish. I think it would be very easy to replicate. All you would need is an empty liquor bottle, a color copy of a vintage label and some Modge Podge and you would have your own distressed bottle.




These vintage books really caught my eye too. I love the raised scrolled design on the spines.






This lamp almost looks like alabaster to me. I think that you could easily replicate this look with a ceramic lamp, some creamy satin spray paint and some modeling clay.






Loads and loads of inspiration around every corner in this place!




I especially loved this picture frame. I want to paint one of my frames in this finish one day.




I see another tutorial in the near future!




Almost the entire top level of this antique mall is filled with antique furniture.




This display just reads “garden style” decor to me. I love the white enamel buckets and the galvanized bins. Wouldn’t everything look wonderful in a potting shed?



There is another important reason why I like to head out to the antique mall every once and a while. They have quite a selection of vintage candy that can be purchased. It brings back great memories from when I was kid.




My husband would be so proud of me this time! I didn’t come home with anything except some great inspiration to fuel my creativity and some of my all-time favorite candies!

I love these things! Once I open the package, 10 minutes later I have eaten the entire thing without even realizing it! They are so yummy!




What are your favorite places to go for inspiration where you live? What vintage items have you found lately? I would love to hear about them.


I hope you enjoyed my little tour of one of our local antique malls. I would have liked to have stayed longer so I could have taken more photos to share with you but there is only so much that can be done in an hour on my lunch break! It’s ok because I am sure I will feel the need to head to the antique mall one day soon when the mood strikes again and I will have more to share.


For those of you that live in the Edmonton, Alberta area I want to pass on a promotion that Leanne over at Apple Box Boutique has going on this Sunday during the Highlands Street Festival. She will be demonstrating the technique of applying Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, answering questions etc. and she is also offering ASCP at $50 per can. Please stop by her blog for more information.


Apple Box Boutique


Well, I am off to bed after a very long day. I injured my back today while helping my husband lift my Mom’s old buffet out of the back of his truck. Oops! I know, I should be more careful! I am fine, just a little sore. I am hoping some good rest will help.


Have a great evening!






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Just back from a little road trip with some inspiration

Hello there! How was your weekend?

Mine? It was a lot of fun but I’m ready to call it a night.

This weekend we decided to take a little road trip to Calgary, Alberta (about 3 hours away from where we live) to attend the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo (my hubby and my two kids are huge Star Trek and superhero fans). Although, I am more into decorating and shopping than I’m into Superman, Green Lantern and the like, I decided to tag along for the ride anyway as I thought it would be a lot of fun for my kids (two smaller ones and one big one). I could also do what I love to do best; get some shopping in while we were there.

Unfortunately, the Comic Con Expo was over capacity so we were unable to attend the show, but we did get to do a bit of shopping and check out some of Calgary’s attractions, which was fun just the same.

I was so happy that we were able to get over to Calgary’s Chinook Mall today so I could stop by a couple of my favorite stores. The first store is Pottery Barn. We don’t have one of these stores where we live so I usually only get to visit once a year at most. I love to go through the store and snap photos of things that give me some inspiration so I can refer back to them later.

I took quite a few photos today and I thought I would share them with you as you might find them inspirational as well.




Pottery Barn this Spring is all about sea shells, sea fans, coral, sand…basically anything to do with the sea. In addition to the beach themed items there seemed to be a lot of glass and neutral colors such as white and cream.

This is one of my favorite decorating schemes. Because it is neutral, it is so easy to add some brightly colored items into the mix such as throw pillows or a decorative vase to kick things up a notch. Then when you decide that you want a change, it is so easy to take away the colorful items and go back to a neutral palette. I love the versatility of this arrangement.




These cute little bottles that I saw were really neat. They would be so easy to make, don’t you think? All you would need is some artificial plastic sedum plants and/or some plastic sea fans, some small little bottles and a glue gun, and in a couple of minutes you would have your very own little Pottery Barn inspired bottles. They would look wonderful massed together on a mantle, lined up on a windowsill or on a coffee table in a woven basket as they are displayed in the photo above.




This sea shell bowl arrangement would be really easy to reproduce at home as well. All that would be needed is a large glass bowl, some beach sand (or Epsom Salts if you don’t have sand), a few sea shells and/or some coral and a glass ball or finial. It would make a perfect centerpiece on a coffee table or placed on your patio table in the garden. What a wonderful way to bring a little bit of sand and sea into your home!






I really like how they have grouped coral and mercury glass/ galvanized metal together. It works so well together because the coral provides some texture and the mercury glass gives contrast to the creams and whites and also adds a bit of sparkle.




I also saw a lot of textured/woven shades and rugs. The glass lamp with sand and shells inside is a very cool idea. Again, we are back to the beach theme.




Doesn’t this sea inspired bed look super comfy? After shopping for a few hours I was ready to get up on in this bed if the sales associates would have let me. I can only dream…








I decided to snap a photo of this clock wall gallery layout for some future inspiration. I would love to try this in my office one day.

The wood stained clock on the far right would be very easy to make. You would only need a piece of plywood, some lattice strips, a spare clock, some wood stain, some silicon, a miter box and saw, a jig saw, and some other small tools to finish it off.

I would think that this project would only cost $10-20 at most and it could be made in a couple of hours.  You could cut the costs considerably if you found a clock at a thrift store or used one that you already owned and also used some scrap pieces of wood from around your house. I am all about using what you already have if you are able to. Re-use and recycle and at the same time get a lot of bang for your buck!

Another great thing about making your own framed clock is that you can make it any size that you want to fit on your mantle, in your hallway or anywhere else you would like to display it.




I thought these large jars were really cool too. I don’t know that I would actually use them to store cereal but I think that they would be great as a display piece on top of a pantry cupboard or on the kitchen counter.



As you can see my other favorite store is Anthropologie. We have one of these where I live but since I was out shopping anyway, I always can make time for some Anthropologie inspiration.




These little ceramic strawberry baskets have been at Anthropologie for a while. I still love them though and one of these days I am going to break down and buy myself one.




I thought this ringed bowl was neat. Maybe it is meant to be a punch bowl of sorts and the glasses are to be hung from the rings on the bottom or maybe it is just meant to be decorative. I will need to research this one some more to figure out what its intended use is.




I love the shabby weathered looking storage cabinet, below. If I could only afford to have it in my house, it would be there in a second. It would look perfect in my “future” bathroom someday storing white towels, soaps and lotions.



These chippy plant pots were beautiful as well. I love how they look all massed together.




Have you been to Pottery Barn or Anthropologie lately? What items that I have shown you are your favorites?  Do you enjoy decorating your home in beach themed items such as sea shells, coral, etc.?

Well I am off to LaLa land. Stay tuned for the reveal of my antique sewing cabinet. I am so excited to share it with you!


Until next time,






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