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What I’ve been up to lately & a sneak peek

I’m back! Back to blogging that is…I missed you guys so much!

I decided to take a little break from blogging these past couple of weeks so I could work on decluttering my house as I mentioned previously HERE and to try to re-group mentally. My husband was also out of town so I was a single Mom for a good chunk of that time. It was interesting being on my own to say the least! Kudos to all of the single Mom’s out there for managing to keep on top of everything on your own!

So what else have I been up to for the past couple of weeks? Well, last weekend my kids and I decided to take a trip down south to Calgary to go to the Stampede. You can read about what the Stampede is all about here. The main reason we went there was to visit my husband who was working there. Also, this would be our first time attending this event and we were curious to see how the Stampede Midway compared to our local Midway in Edmonton.

The Midway at the Stampede is basically a gigantic carnival with rides, games, exhibits and loads of fattening foods. We were excited to attend because it’s not like we get to do this sort of thing every day as it only happens during the summer. That’s a good thing because you can spend over $200 in an hour with the cost of the entrance fee, the ride tickets, the games etc. Nevertheless, my kids and I found a few Stampede favorites which were the cinnamon mini donuts, the handglider ride, the horse exhibit and the water shooter game. So much fun!

I had planned to take my camera so I could take some photos to show you all but I forgot my camera back at the hotel which was a 45 minute drive away. Doh! Then I thought I could just use my cell phone to take some photos but its battery was almost dead! In the end I was only able to snap a couple of photos of these Tee-pee’s to share with you from the Native Indian exhibit.




Oh how I wished I was prepared and remembered to charge my electronics before we left the hotel! I can be so scatter-brained sometimes. Haha!




Anyway, I am now back into the swing of things blogging-wise (a word I just made up) and I have a couple of completed projects to show you and many more projects in various stages of completion.

Here is a sneak peek of a little project I worked on yesterday; this super easy DIY lace flower vase. Stay tuned for the tutorial coming up early this evening.



It feels great to be back! What have you all been up to? I would love to hear from you.


Until next time…






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Project declutter & this week in my garden

Hello there! I can’t believe it has been a little over a week since I last posted! Sorry it has been so quiet here lately. I have missed blogging so much!

So what have I been up to? I’m a little embarrassed to tell you this, but I actually have been busy decluttering and cleaning my house. Seriously, it was time! Things had gotten so out of control that I just couldn’t stand it anymore!

Since I started my blog almost five months ago, all of the tasks associated with blogging (creating a project, shopping for supplies, taking photos, finishing a project, writing a blog post, sharing a project etc.) have been taking up a lot of my free time. I already knew that having a blog would be a lot of work. It is not like I went into things blindly. In reality, it’s hard to know just how much time blogging really takes until you really get into the thick of things! I am not complaining mind you. Even with all of the work involved, I have no plans of stopping. I really love doing what I do! Besides, if I hadn’t started my blog, I wouldn’t have anyone to share my projects with and I wouldn’t have met so many wonderful people who visit me here on my blog or on my Facebook page. Kudos to each and every one of you!

Anyway, I digress. Back to my messy house! Because I have added these extra things to my to-do list, I have been finding it difficult to keep up with everything. Also, more things have been coming into the house than have been leaving, so the clutter is starting to pile up.

Lately, even my family has started to take notice that our house is becoming cluttered and disorganized. My sweet husband usually ignores my half-finished projects on the dining room table or on the family room floor, but in the last couple of weeks he has been complaining. This is not his style at all! He has been saying things like, “Carrie, when are you going to move the “&%$%#@” off of the chair already? or “Carrie, what is all this stuff all over the floor?” Of course, I reply, “Sorry honey, I plan to move it right after I finish xyz, I promise!” Of course I get sidetracked and it doesn’t get cleaned up which makes my husband frustrated to no end!

So what’s a girl to do? She (namely me), is to put aside her projects for the time being and clean up to make her husband and kids happy and restore order in the world once again.


To face my messy little problem head on, I have now implemented “Project Declutter”.



Project Declutter


The Plan:

  1. Work on decluttering one room at a time
  2. Sort items into Keep, Toss, Sell, and Giveaway piles
  3. Immediately remove items from the home that are in the Toss and Giveaway piles
  4. Plan a garage sale or sell items on Kijiji for the items in the Sell pile
  5. Find a home for the items that are keepers
  6. Make a list of unfinished projects around the house and work on getting them done
  7. Enlist the help of my family to maintain an clean and organized home
  8. (This one’s for me) Work on only one project at a time and keep the main family areas project-free


Have I missed anything, do you think?


What have I accomplished so far? Well, I have managed to re-organize the majority of my craft supplies and my kids and I went through their rooms and purged a bunch of things that they had outgrown or hadn’t played with in a while. I am happy to say that today I loaded up 6 full garbage bags of junk into my car, which I promptly dropped off at Goodwill. I think it’s a good start and it feels so great to get rid of the clutter. I can feel the stress lifting from my shoulders as we speak!

If you run a busy household like I do, perhaps have a full time job as I do, have a blog and have kids, or even if you don’t do all of these things; how do you manage to stay organized? How do you also keep your house clean and manage your blog successfully all at the same time? Do you have any tips for a “newbie” blogger like me?

OK, maybe you don’t have a blog but your are super organized person; do you have any organizational tips that you can share with me?


Thanks for listening to me vent a little guys. I really appreciate it!


Just so you know, I may be a little busy in the next while working on Project Declutter so you may see slightly less of me than usual around here. I promise you that I plan to get this done asap! Please don’t think I am ignoring you if I don’t respond to your comments right away! I do read each comment I receive but it just might take me a little longer than normal to respond. As for the things I already have on the go, I have many more projects to share with you as soon as I can find a little time to work on them. I also have a few pieces of furniture that are close to being finished. Gotta get er’ done!


Wish me luck!


I thought I would leave you with some photos taken in my garden this week. Flowers always make me smile. I hope you enjoy them too.




Sarah Bernhardt Peonies



Sarah Bernhardt Peonies



Flower: Coppertina Ninebark shrub



White Asters


Until next time,






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