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Putting Down Roots guest post

Hello there! How was your weekend?

I have a special treat for you today! Let me introduce you to one of my newest bloggy friends, Emily from Putting Down Roots. She is here today to share one of her latest projects with you.

Not only is Emily a sweetheart, but she also has some amazing talent! My absolute favorite transformation of Emily’s is her entertainment center makeover. You must check it out! It is so cottage chic!


Take it away Emily…



Hello there! My name is Emily from Putting Down Roots and I am thrilled to be guest posting here at Hooked on Decorating today. I have the pleasure of sharing a tutorial with you that I hope you will find helpful as you plan your summer festivities.

We are coming up on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day,  graduation open house season, Memorial Day, etc. If you happen to be in charge of decorating for any of those events/holidays, I’m sure your head is spinning with ideas…or maybe you’re just trying to see how you can save a few bucks.

Well, no celebration decor is complete without a banner or bunting, right? What if I told you that you could make ONE custom banner that could be reused over and over again for all your special events this summer? Enter…custom colored chalkboard bunting!!!



Did I mention that it’s easy to make?



Here’s what you’ll need:



1} flat latex paint in any color you want for chalkboard paint {recipe below}

2} non-sanded tile grout

3} sponge paintbrush or little roller

4} card stock {I used manila folders!}

5} twine, ribbon, baker’s twine or whatever you want to use to string the bunting

6} some way to secure the bunting to the twine {sew it, tape it, paperclip, clothespin, etc.} not pictured


I love painting…me and my paint brush are buddies. I am a huge fan of DIY chalk paint, so I was itching for an excuse to make my own chalkboard paint. {If you are confused about the difference between these two paints, see HERE for an example and recipe for chalk paint.} A while back, I found a chalkboard paint recipe on Pinterest from Martha Stewart. With only two quick steps, it is so incredibly easy and foolproof.

Step # 1: make your paint


Directions via Martha Stewart



I didn’t prime or paint my surface before painting it with the chalkboard paint, and it worked fine. If you plan on reusing it a ton, then it might be a good idea to go the extra mile.


Step # 2: paint it

If you have the time, why not add some polka dots or fun stencils for a themed event? The possibilities are endless.


Step # 3: cut it
Need a template for your bunting? No problemo! Here is a template in 4 different sizes and it’s free to boot: chickabug blog.  Want to branch out from the traditional triangular bunting? Check out my Pinterest board “Bunting” for more ideas!

After you have cut out your bunting, secure it to your twine.  If you don’t want to permanently secure your bunting to the twine so you can add/take away later, consider using little clothes pins…




…or those old school clothes pins you can find at Hobby Lobby for $3 or so…




I’m sure you can come up with more amazing ideas.

I hope I have inspired you to take this idea and run with it!

If you have some time, swing by and check out my little corner of the blogosphere: Putting Down Roots…I would love to have you! If you are short on time, “like” my page on Facebook and we can catch up later.



Thanks so much Emily for taking time out of your busy schedule to share your wonderful project here today. I can’t wait to give this a try!

I hope you take a minute to stop by Emily’s blog and say “hello” and also check out some of her other inspiring projects.


Happy Monday!






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Embracing Change guest post

It is my pleasure to have Stacey from Embracing Change here today to share with us her newest furniture transformation.


I met Stacey shortly after starting my blog two months ago. She had left a very nice comment on one of my posts which then led me over to her blog. While I was there, I was amazed by all of the beautiful furniture pieces that she had painted. I thought to myself, “this girl has loads of talent!”


After getting to know Stacey a little more, I learned that she is a modern day “Superwoman” of sorts. She works a full-time job, runs a furniture refinishing business with her friend, helps her husband with church duties, manages her own blog, and on top of all that she is a Mother to her two wonderful children. I am tired just writing about all of the things she does on a daily basis. I don’t quite know how she swings it, but somehow she does!


Well, I think I will let Stacey fill you in on the rest, so I won’t keep you waiting any longer.


Here’s Stacey…


Hi! I am Stacey from Embracing Change!



Carrie invited me to stop over today to her awesome blog and introduce myself as well as show you a little about what I am passionate about. I have a passion for restoring and recreating unloved furniture. I love to take the old and make it new. A good furniture makeover is what it is all about! I also craft and create home decor, but my true love is furniture!


 Here are examples of some past projects I’ve done:


Old Door Subway Art Table


Antique Telephone Bench


Antique Dresser


Hand-painted Chevron Antique Waterfall Dresser


Secretary Desk Makeover
I am a busy girl that really has no time for blogging
or restoring furniture yet I make time for what I love!
I am a pastor’s wife working alongside my love in ministry.
I have two adorable girls Emma (7) and Ana (4).


Here are my girlies this Easter:



During the day, I work full-time as a Director of a large day care.


I recently began a business with a friend of mine called The Blessed Nest
You can find our business website HERE.


Our little business is brand new. We are located in Northeastern Pennsylvania.
The Blessed Nest specializes in recreating furniture and making home decor!


Needless to say, I deal with a great deal of stress in a day.
I find painting and creating to be my outlet.
I always feel better when I have a paint brush in my hand.


I would like to share a redo with you today!

I promised my husband I would paint his cute little antique desk for him.
We picked up this cutie at an antique shop outside of Gettysburg before we were married over 11 years ago.


 I promised Chris, my husband, that I would get to redoing it.

Now I know how a mechanic feels after working on so many cars
and he doesn’t have the time or energy to worry on his own.
Needless to say, months went by.


 The other day I decided I needed to buckle down

and get it done and keep true to what I had told my husband.
I knew it would mean a lot to him.


I spent this weekend finishing that little desk up.
I am very pleased with how it came out!


Here’s my favorite part…THE AFTER!











I love it!
Huge improvement!
My husband thinks so as well!


I used ASCP in Old White and the cool knobs
are from Anthropologie.
I used Antique Walnut stain from Minwax on the top.


I think it has an African feel with the style of the knobs

so I staged it with African figurines.
Quite suiting for Chris as he recently returned from
a mission trip to Kenya!


And in true Stacey style, I always name my pieces based upon
what I feel to be the personality they exude.
This one is named Majestic Mwamba in
which the African meaning of the name is strong.
I think that it is a fitting name!


Come and visit me sometime at Embracing Change. I would love for you to stop in or even follow me. I also have a Facebook page as well. I host a weekly linky party called Inspired Creations on Thursdays if you would like to link up any of your creations that may inspire others!


Thanks Carrie for the opportunity to guest post
on your amazing blog!
I am so thankful for the opportunity!


Thanks so much Stacey for sharing your desk makeover and your other gorgeous furniture transformations with us. It was great having you here.


If you haven’t already been over to Stacey’s blog, please take a few minutes to visit her at Embracing Change.




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