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Drum table with raised stencils

Happy Sunday! I hope you are having a great weekend so far.

See the vintage drum table below? My Mom gave me this table over a year ago and it has sat collecting dust in my basement until about a month ago when I decided it was about time that it received a makeover.

I cannot lie. Refinishing this table has been a real struggle for me! It has taken me over a month to finally finish it and it is has seen no less than 4 different finishes during that time. Really, for only a small table? Well, it has been one of those projects! You know, one that you procrastinate on because your indecisiveness is getting the best of you? Lately, this has been happening to me more than I care to admit!

So when I had set out to work on this table, this is what happened…

First, I stripped the top of the table because it originally was in terrible shape, as you can see below. I then stained the top with my favorite whitewash stain. I really was loving how it was looking so far. Then I primed the base with gray primer and painted it with two coats of creamy-gray paint. Something just wasn’t right with this look. Moving on…next I glazed the table with a burnt umber glaze to try to bring out some of the details on the pedestal base. Nope, not working either. How about a coat of watered-down homemade chalk paint? A little better, but still not there. Lastly, there was the gray glaze that I made with watered-down acrylic paint that was applied over top of everything and the distressing that I did. Now we’re talking! So I thought…

The more I looked at this table, the more I wasn’t totally happy with what I had done. Don’t you just hate it when that happens when working on a project? At this point I was about to give up and just sell this table instead of keeping it for myself. I had already put so much time and hard work into it, not to mention the supplies that I had used up. After a glass of wine and a bit of contemplation, I decided to take a step back and let it sit untouched for a while until I had a vision as to what it should be like.




This table sat there for a couple of weeks until one day last week when I had a “Eureka” moment! The reason I didn’t like this table was because it was too plain. I thought that the french-style top was really cute but the base and legs weren’t anything special to look at. How about if I added some wooden appliques around the drum of the table to give it some style? Hmmm…that wouldn’t work because the table is not totally flat. Well, how about doing some raised stenciling around it instead? Perfect!

Here is what my table looks like all finished! What do you think?




As, you can see I carried the stenciling all the way around the drum. I decided to not stencil the drawer at the front because I thought that it would compete with the handle that was there. I also added one raised design to each side of the legs to give them more interest.




It’s hard to tell here, but in real life it almost looks like this table is covered in embossed leather. Very cool!



Here you can also see a close-up of the whitewashed stained top that I did.




I found out that it is very hard to photograph a whitewashed finish without it looking all washed out! In person, this finish is greyish-white with grey streaks running through it and touches of greyish-yellow here and there. It am so happy with how it turned out!




In this close-up of one of the raised stencils you can see that I also used a bit of crackle medium. I made sure that each raised stencil was a little bit different looking. Some have cracks, some don’t. Some are more aged then others, some aren’t. No two designs are exactly alike!




Here on the pedestal, you can see the distressing that I did but not so much of the gray glazing that is there. It is much easier to see indoors where the sun doesn’t wash out the finish.






I painted over the original brass drawer handle with gesso and crackle medium. After the crackle medium had dried for at least an hour, I put on a light layer of gray craft paint to bring out the cracks. I added more white gesso to the raised parts of the handle to highlight. Finally, I coated everything with a layer of Mod Podge for protection.




Last month, I had shared how super easy it is to do raised stencils in my Decorative Book tutorial. You can find my step-by-step guide HERE.

For my decorative book project I had used Golden’s Light Molding Paste to do the raised stencils. For furniture though, you will want to use something that will not crack or chip off. You want it to stand up to everyday use. For raised stencils on furniture, you will want to use Golden’s Molding Paste. It is much heavier in weight and texture than the Light Molding Paste and much more durable.




 This is the cute little stencil that I decided to use on my table. I covered over the small flowers with happy face stickers (that’s all I had handy at the time) so that the molding paste wouldn’t seep through when doing the raised stenciling. I thought the addition of the flowers would just make my table look too busy and I liked the simplicity of the medallion by itself.




To stencil my table, I first found the centre of the back of the drum and made a small pencil mark. I made sure my stencil was level and then used my Anthropologie membership card (again, all that I had handy) to spread on the molding paste. It’s just like icing a cake! I carefully scraped off all of the excess medium back into my jar and then lifted my stencil up from one end in order to not disturb my pattern.

As I mentioned in my previous tutorial, molding paste is a PITA the get off your tools if you let it dry. You will want to wash your stencil and tools immediately with soap and water before moving on  Also, it may make your stencil all cloudy so don’t use this medium on your prized stencil unless you don’t mind it getting a little messed up. My stencil is still useable. It just doesn’t look pristine anymore. It doesn’t bother me!

After I did my first set of stencils, I left them to dry, which only took about 20 minutes. Then I worked on the opposite side of the center stenciling in the other direction as to not mess up my fresh stencils. I placed my stencil over top of one of the previously stenciled designs and continued on. This helped to keep my stenciling in a straight line.  By the time I got to the last set of stencils on each side I found out that this stencil fit perfectly within half a centimeter from the end on each side. No cutting needed and no half design to deal with.  This was the perfect stencil for this project.



After I finished all of my raised stencils I let them fully dry for about 2 hours before painting. To paint my raised design I first glazed it with medium gray craft paint. Then I re-applied my stencil over top of my raised design and stenciled on a coat of white gesso. I then applied crackle medium randomly and once that was dry I sparingly glazed over the cracks with more gray craft paint making sure to wipe away the excess immediately.

Finally, to protect my table, I coated it with three coats of my favorite clear finish sanding in between coats.


This drum table was a labor of love for sure! It is definitely a keeper now!


If you are interested in replicating this finish on one of your own pieces, I have included the products below that I used for this makeover. If you are a regular visitor to my blog you may notice that I have again used some of my tried and true finishes when refinishing this table. You can read more about my absolute favorite products to use when refinishing furniture HERE and HERE.


Drum Table with Raised Stencils Product List:

Table top:

Circa 1850 Soft Strip, Minwax Whitewash Stain, General Finishes High Performance Waterbased Topcoat in Satin

Table base:

Water-based Glidden Gripper Primer tinted in Behr Dark Gray, Martha Stewart’s Sharkey Gray paint, white acrylic gesso, DecoArt Americana Driftwood acrylic paint, Minwax Polyacrylic Topcoat in Satin

Raised Stencils:

Golden Molding Paste, DecoArt Americana Driftwood acrylic paint, white gesso, DecoArt One Step Crackle Medium, Minwax Polyacrylic Topcoat in Satin

Drawer Handle:

White acrylic gesso, DecoArt One Step Crackle Medium, DecoArt Americana Driftwood acrylic paint, Matte Mod Podge



Have you had a chance to try raised stencils before? Either way, I would love to hear about what you think of my table, so please leave me a comment below. I appreciate that you take time out of your busy day to leave me your thoughts.


Until next time,






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A little country road trip & my newest furniture find

This past weekend I drove out to my Mom’s house for a visit. She lives out in the country, about an hour away from the city I live in. I mainly went to her house to finish up the makeover on her buffet turned TV cabinet. Once I got there, we ended up needing to make a run to the nearest town to pick up some clear coat because I totally forgot to bring mine when I left my house. Doh! I just had to have some though because I needed to add a few more coats of topcoat to her cabinet that day.

While we were out and about we thought it might be fun to go on a little road trip to some of the local towns in my Mom’s area.  First we headed over to Willingdon, Alberta to check out their town garage sale. It is a tiny little town with a population of only about 250 people. The goods they were selling at their garage sales were also slim pickins. Too bad!  I did manage though to find a vintage sewing cabinet for next to nothing. I will be sharing its before photo further down in my post.



Willingdon, Alberta


We also came across this little antique store in Willingdon. In addition to the goods being sold in the garage sale out front, the place was packed from floor to ceiling with every vintage/antique collectible imaginable. I was excited to go inside just in case they were some amazing treasures to be found. Unfortunately,  I was a little disappointed to see that everything was way overpriced, so I left empty handed.


Andrew, Alberta


Next we headed over to Andrew, Alberta (about 30 minutes away from Willingdon). During the drive from town to town, all that can be seen are farmer’s fields for miles and miles. Every once and a while you will come across a large house or some farm buildings spotted here and there along the road. That’s about it!

To my surprise, we happened upon this gorgeous Ukrainian Orthodox church and I told my Mom that I just had to stop and take some photos. Isn’t the roof-line on this building amazing?



Andrew, Alberta


Here is a photo of the back side of the church. Still stunning!



Andrew, Alberta


I also thought it was a little funny that almost every small town in Alberta has its own town mascot/monument. Andrew, Alberta is famous for having the world’s largest Mallard Duck monument.



Mundare, Alberta


Mundare, Alberta (about 30 minutes away from Andrew) is famous for the world’s largest sausage monument. Yes, my Mom and I made sure to pick-up some Stawnichy’s sausage while we were there to take back home. Yum!



Vegreville, Alberta



Lastly, the final town that we ventured out to was Vegreville, Alberta. As you can see it is famous for its gigantic Easter egg.


Does these photos remind you of some of the small towns in your area? Don’t you agree that is fun sometimes to head out to the country once and while to get away from all of the hustle and bustle of the big city?

So when was the last time you went on a little road trip in your province or state? I think another road trip may be in order this summer so I can check out some of the other small towns in Alberta.  I found this trip interesting to say the least.

Anyway, if you have some time on your hands and you are interested in viewing some more photos of the country-side in Alberta, Canada, this site has some beautiful photos.





Here is the before photo of the little 1950′s sewing cabinet I ended up finding at one of the garage sales in Willingdon for only $1.00. Although I think it is very outdated and a little bit on the ugly side, I am convinced that it has some great potential.

My plan is to give this cabinet a full makeover. So it will be getting a paint-job and I plan to immediately remove the really ugly handle on the front and possibly the outdated feet at the bottom. I would also like to create some custom storage for the inside of the cabinet. This cabinet doesn’t have a sewing machine inside anymore but it still has some of the workings that will need to be eventually removed.

I most likely will be selling this cabinet when I am finished because I don’t have any room for it in my house. I need your opinion on something. What else can you see this cabinet being used for besides a sewing cabinet? I would be love to hear all of your great ideas.




As you see, I just couldn’t pass it up for that price!


This little sewing cabinet is next on my list of makeovers, right after my drum table gets finished. Make sure you stop back to see what this cabinet looks like after I have had my way with it. I figure that it can’t get any worse than it is. It can only get better from here!


Until next time,







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A buffet turned TV cabinet – the reveal

Hello friends! How was your weekend? Mine was really relaxing for a change. On Saturday I went out of town to visit my Mom and this time I was on a mission to finally finish the TV cabinet that I had partially completed for her weeks ago. You can read about its first makeover HERE.

In the morning, we decided to take a little road trip to some of the small towns close to my Mom’s house. Stay tuned for a few photos from our adventure later today along with a before photo of a vintage sewing cabinet that I found pretty much for free. In its current state this cabinet is a little u-g-l-y and it is definitely in need of some TLC. Just you wait until I get my hands on it though!


Anyway, here is the before photo of the vintage buffet that I found for my Mom on Kijiji a while back. It was tired looking and had seen better days. I knew though that it would be the perfect size to hold her flat screen TV. All it needed was some paint and some new hardware and it would end up looking fabulous!




Fast forward to this next photo (below) which was taken after I had painted my Mom’s cabinet in her favorite turquoise paint (Behr Gem Turquoise 500-B4 mixed at 50% strength). She and I agreed on one thing; it looked so much better with its new makeover but we both thought that something was still missing. In her words, “it needs a little oomph!”


Buffet to TV Cabinet - Almost There


This time around I hoped that the Moroccan stencil I had planned to add to the drawer and door fronts would be the perfect finishing touch and give it the “wow factor” that my Mom was looking for. Scroll down a little further to see what her TV cabinet looks like now.

What do you think? Do you like it?

The burning question is…what does my Mom think of her cabinet now? She loves it!  She hasn’t been able to stop talking about it for the past two days she is so happy! My job here has been done. Haha!




You may be wondering if I have changed the color of the final cabinet because it looks a lot lighter than in the ”almost there” photo above. Actually, no I didn’t. The body cabinet color has stayed the same. Only the fronts of the cabinet have been re-painted.

It was so dark in my Mom’s house by the time that we finished up the stenciling so in the photos the cabinet color looks like it is a light turquoise when in fact it is really a vibrant turquoise color. Isn’t it amazing how lighting can change a color? Please humor me and just pretend that you are actually seeing a vibrant turquoise cabinet here ok? Thanks! Haha!

Honestly, I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t take some bright and clear photos to share with you because the photos I took aren’t really doing this cabinet any justice. It looks so much better in real life!

As I said, my Mom’s house is just so dark even with all of the curtains open and lamps added to provide extra lighting. I just had to seize the moment and take the photos otherwise it would have been at least another month before I could get over to my Mom’s house again to take more photos. Maybe one day I will be able to share some better photos of this cabinet with you but for now these will have to do!




Now for the finishing details. Since I had already top-coated the drawer and door fronts with my favorite clear coat I had to sand off the top layer so that my new paint finish would stick properly. First I taped off only the area that I wanted to paint with Frog tape and then I sanded it down with 220 grit sandpaper to give the wood a little “tooth”. I then removed all of the sanding dust with my tack cloth and I was ready to stencil.

For the stenciling, I used the same stencil that I had used for my Mom’s step stool makeover HERE (Martha Stewart’s Arabesque Stencil Set). The aged stencil pattern was achieved with many layers of light turquoise paint mixed with white gesso, then an overcoat of burnt umber glaze, another coat of a darker turquoise glaze and then finally a light turquoise/gesso paint coat mixture again.

Isn’t this a great idea for those of you not wanting to re-do your entire piece of furniture? You can just repaint/stencil only one part of it to give it an update without to having to go through the intensive process of priming and painting everything.




Moving right along. Once I had the look that I was going for and everything was completely dry, I gave the final stenciling a sanding with 400 grit sandpaper to prepare it for topcoating. I then coated it with a few coats of clear coat for protection. I made sure to sand with 400 grit sandpaper between coats and remove the dust with my tack cloth before adding another coat.

I was then ready to attach the hardware on the drawers and doors and move the cabinet into place.




Here you can see a close-up of the aged stenciling that I did. Again had the lighting been better you would have been able to see this in more detail. The shading adds a lot more dimension than just a plain stenciling would have.




Oh ya! If you could please divert your eyes away from my Mom’s pink carpet I would appreciate it because there is some major clashing going on here. It is so 70′s! This carpet looks so bright in these photos but actually it is not that bad in person.

Since my Mom will be moving soon and changing out the carpet is not her in budget, the furniture she has will just have to work with the carpet for the time being. So pink carpet it is!




The original hardware on this cabinet was changed-out with the handles from her old TV cabinet. I think they work perfectly with her cabinet’s new look and the finish matches exactly with the existing door hinges. It really was meant to be!




I am really loving the crystal knobs from Anthropologie that my Mom picked out for this cabinet. They are simple yet they add just the perfect touch of “glitz and glamour”. What do you think?




I think they really “pop” against the stenciled background on the drawers now.


My Mom even had a piece of glass cut to protect the top of her cabinet. It looks amazing!

So if you are currently on the lookout for a vintage buffet to use as a TV cabinet you may want to keep and eye out for these maple buffet cabinets at your local auction houses, on Craigslist/Kijiji or at garage sales. They are the perfect size for a smaller living room and they provide loads of storage space for a DVD player, DVD’s, board games, Xbox consoles and games, magazines, you name it! Another bonus is that these cabinets are made of solid wood (no MDF or particle board here!).


The cost breakdown for this makeover is as follows:

Vintage buffet: $50.00

Knobs from Anthropologie: $6.00

Door handles: $0.00 (taken from another cabinet)

Paint and supplies: $20.00 (I already had many of the supplies on hand)

5 mm protective glass (optional): $30.00

TOTAL COST: $106.00

Where can you find a solid wood, handpainted TV cabinet with a glass top in a store for that price?

In other news…

I am still plugging away on the painting of my drum table. Since I had pretty busy weekend this past weekend it is taking a little longer that I had originally planned to finish it. I promise I will be sharing its makeover with you soon. Stay tuned!


Happy Monday!





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It’s almost there! A buffet turned TV cabinet

It was some time ago that I had shared with you the before photo of this maple buffet here. My Mom lives out of town and although this cabinet was painted and clear-coated a couple of weeks ago, I was finally able to drop it off at her house last night. She was so happy that it was finally finished!

A little background on this buffet…I had picked it up for my Mom off of Kijiji from a couple who were selling some of their Mother’s estate items. They had really wanted to refinish it themselves but never got around to it.

I called up my Mom and she thought it would be perfect for her. She had been looking for a small buffet to use as a flat screen TV cabinet for quite some time. This cabinet was small like she wanted and the price was very reasonable. Nowadays, where can you buy a solid maple buffet at a store for $50.00?

The photo below is the actual photo from Kijiji. It looks to be in pretty good shape in the photo. Well, actually the bottom part of the cabinet was. The top of the cabinet was another story though. It looked like…




Someone had tried to paint chalkboard paint on the top and did a really lousy job. That’s ok. I could live with that! I planned to paint the entire buffet anyway, so it was ok that it was a little rough around the edges.

A little tip from me..When you are out shopping for vintage furniture, don’t be turned off by a piece of furniture that is an ugly color, is too plain, is outdated looking, etc. As long the piece doesn’t require major structural repairs, try to look past the imperfections. With a little bit of elbow grease, some paint/stain and some embellishments, your piece of furniture can turn out to be beautiful!




When I had asked my Mom what her vision was for this cabinet she said that she just wanted it updated with some turquoise paint and new hardware. I could have easily added some wooden appliques to the doors, distressed it like crazy or attached some extra molding. See, she already has some cabinets with appliques in her living room and she thought that something a little more simple would help to balance everything out.

When I brought the cabinet over to her last night she was so excited. She loved it! Then she called me tonight and said, “You know what Carrie? What if you added some stenciling or something to the front of the doors and drawers to give it some “oomph”?”  Awww, my sweet Mom! I should have went with my initial gut feeling from the beginning and just surprised her.

So the below photos are what my Mom’s buffet cabinet looks like now. Keep in mind that this is not the “final” look for this cabinet. I think it has already come a long way though! What do you think?




Hmmmm… something still doesn’t look right here. There’s something missing isn’t there? Yes, the bottom handles on the cabinet are MIA! Darn!…my Mom had the handles at her house!

Last night I was just about ready to load her cabinet up into our truck when I decided that should at least take some photos of the cabinet mostly finished, even if the handles were missing and I wasn’t able to stage the photos. I am glad that I decided to take some photos then because by the time we arrived at my Mom’s house and unloaded her cabinet it was way too dark in my Mom’s living room to take photos. Too bad!




See the cabinet above? This is my Mom’s old TV stand which is actually also a buffet.  The handles on the bottom of this cabinet are the ones she plans on using on her new turquoise cabinet. What do you think? Do you like them? They actually match perfectly with the old brass door brackets that came with the turquoise cabinet.

I was lucky enough to bring my Mom’s old cream TV cabinet home with me. I am not sure if I should paint it to sell it or if I should keep it. What do you think?

I love the metal mesh on the doors and the top folds out into a long surface used for serving food. It’s current color is a little too yellow for my liking so it will be my next painting project. Stay tuned for its makeover in the next little while!




I love the crystal knobs that my Mom chose for her cabinet. She picked them up on clearance for $2.95 each at Anthropologie. I think they give the cabinet some lovely sparkle.

By the way in the photo above it looks like there are some white marks around the knobs. It is just the refection of the sun on the knobs.




Here are some close-ups of the “bling”!




Now for the finishing details…

I started off with stripping the top of this buffet to remove the black chalk paint-gone bad. I used my favorite paint stripper that I recently shared here.

This cabinet was primed and then painted with Behr Paint and Primer in One in Gem Turquoise mixed at 50%. I decided that I needed to age the turquoise a little bit so I mixed up some glaze with the Gem Turquoise and Martha Stewart’s Araucana Teal. This helped to bring out the distressing I had done and highlight the moldings. I then coated the entire cabinet with four coats of my favorite top coat in a satin finish.





Here is the color sample of Behr Gem Turquoise #500-B4. Keep in mind that I mixed my paint color at 50% so it is half as strong of a hue as it shows in the paint sample above. Another reason why my Mom’s cabinet is a slightly different color than the paint chip is because I did an aqua glaze over top of the Gem Turquoise. I love Gem Turquoise though; it is a beautiful color.




I love the curvy recessed doors on this cabinet…




and the apron-detail at the bottom. I love me some curvy furniture!




I tried to take photos that were not in direct sun but it didn’t work out too well. The sun really washes out the color here so it is a little brighter than it is in real life. It is really a nice medium-toned turquoise.






I decided to leave the inside of this cabinet unpainted to save me a bit of work and it was in really good shape anyway so why mess with a good thing? I added a hole at the back so my Mom could pass her electrical cords through.

She plans to place her DVD player, her collection of DVD’s, and her magazine files on the shelves and I think in the end she will get some great storage out of this cabinet. When she wants to watch a movie she can just open the doors to use the DVD player and when she is all done she can close the doors and everything will be hidden from view again.




If you are looking for a piece of furniture to turn into a TV stand, these small buffets are the perfect size for a small space. A bonus is that they are solid maple, no particle board to be found! These buffets are plentiful around here and can easily be found on Kijiji/Craigslist and at local auctions. You may have seen them before as a china cabinet with a hutch on top.

Why not make some use of  these outdated cabinets? Just remove the hutch and use them for your flat screen TV! They provide ample storage, they are very sturdy and are a great height for TV viewing.

Just paint one up to match your decor and you will have a stylish vintage TV cabinet and your husband/wife will also be happy because they will also have a functional piece of furniture.


Have I sold you yet?




Please stay tuned for the final reveal of this buffet turned TV cabinet in the next couple of weeks.

I can’t wait to share it with you!

By the way, my Mom totally loved the little french stool that I painted for her and shared with you here. I think that is where her idea for a stenciled cabinet came from.


Until next time,





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My love affair with my turquoise antique sewing cabinet

I am here today to finally share my completed sewing cabinet with you! I know, I know…this cabinet took me a really long time to paint! If you have been following my previous posts and wondering as to when I would be sharing the “after” photos with you, thank you for being so patient with me! I can now finally say that it this cabinet is all done and I hope you like it as much as I do!

If this is your first time visiting my blog, you can read about how I was very lucky to find my sweet little sewing cabinet for a song here. Sorry, you will need to scroll down to the bottom of the post for the details. 

My cabinet looks to be in pretty good shape in its “before” photo below. Don’t get me wrong, it was in great shape for its age. In reality though, there were some minor imperfections that needed to be addressed such as some chipping of the paint and some cracking that needed patching. I also wasn’t in love with its tomato red color so I decided that a complete makeover was in order for this cabinet.


Are you ready for the after?




Here she is with her new look. What do you think?

Some of you had said that you would like to see my cabinet painted turquoise. I ended up choosing Behr Gem Turquoise mixed at 50% strength as her final color. It is a gorgeous light peacock blue color. I can’t wait to use this color again soon!




Sometimes when I am working on a project, things don’t always go as planned. This seems to happen to me a lot lately! Does the same thing happen to you as well?

What happened this time? Well, I spent part of the day Sunday taking photos to share with you because it was such a beautiful sunny day. Then when I went to upload the photos from my camera to my computer there was a malfunction of the SD memory card and I couldn’t get the photos off of my camera no matter what I tried. It really was my fault for thinking that it was OK to store over 2500 photos on my memory card and not erase them at some point. Thankfully, I had the majority of the photos already saved to my computer and I was also able to find my other camera to use as a back-up, so I apologize if some of my photos are a little dark. These photos were taken as the sun was starting to set.



This cabinet was modified by one of its previous owners to fit a modern-day sewing machine. The top flips up and my new sewing machine fits perfectly inside. It cannot be stored inside the cabinet when not in use, but it works wonderfully for when it is time to sew. I plan to eventually make a cloth cover for my machine to keep it dust free.

I also want to find a little chair to use with this cabinet sometime soon. In the meantime, my milk painted toile bench fits underneath pretty well. Maybe I should just use the bench and change the fabric to one with a bit of turquoise in it. What do you think? Do you think a chair would be better?

 Milk Painted Toile Bench

Photo Transferred Vintage Sewing Box



I decided to use Behr Premium Plus Paint and Primer In One on this cabinet. I had never had a chance to try out it before and I wanted to see for myself if it was as good as some people had said it was. I will be sharing my thoughts on this paint in an upcoming post.

Anyway, I prepared my cabinet for painting by giving it a good cleaning and then a light sanding. I then painted it with two coats of the Behr Paint/Primer In One, sanding with 400 grit sandpaper in between coats. I distressed it lightly with 220 grit sandpaper to bring out some of the red basecoat and then I followed up by glazing the entire cabinet with a burnt umber glaze to help bring out the details in the carvings. I made sure to wipe away the majority of the glaze as I was applying it to not “dirty” the final finish. Finally, I finished everything off by applying three coats of my favorite topcoat for durability. The finish feels so velvety smooth!




 Don’t you just love the wooden appliques on this cabinet? They are my favorite part!




I wanted to keep the keyholes and the holes on the bottom of the cabinet legs intact instead of filling them in with wood putty.  Even though the keys are long gone and the holes at the bottom of the legs mostly likely held the wheel that ran the original sewing machine, I think this cabinet is sweet with all of its little quirks!





Here she is all set up ready for use.




I am in love with my “new” little turquoise sewing cabinet! I can’t wait until we move so I can have craft room to store it in instead of it taking up prime real estate in my living room.




Before I leave you I am having a tiny little dilemma that I am hoping you could help me with. My Mom was over last night visiting. She really likes what I have done with my cabinet but she thinks that the long drawer on the front is too plain and that it is missing something. She thinks it needs some knobs or another scrolly.

My personal opinion is that this cabinet already has enough scrollies on it and adding more would just make it too busy. I thought of adding some crystal knobs to give the cabinet a little bit of glamour but then they would need to be fairly small because there is not much depth available there. This little drawer has a magnetic closure and it tilts forward when opened.

What do you think? Should I just leave the drawer as is? I would be grateful for your opinion on what you think I should do.


Enjoy the rest of your day!





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