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Junkin’ at the Wild Rose Antique Show 2012

I hope you had a wonderful Easter holiday with your family. My family and I went out of town to my Mom’s for Easter dinner. So yummy! Us adults had a really relaxing visit while the kids had a great time running around together almost non-stop. I wish I had their energy! To think of all of the things I could get accomplished.

While visiting, I had a chance to take some photos of a couple of furniture pieces of my Mom’s that I had previously refinished for her. I will be sharing them this coming week. Stay tuned!

On Good Friday I went junkin’ at the Wild Rose Antique Show here in Edmonton. This annual show is host to approximately 140 vendors from all over Canada showcasing everything from fine china and antique furniture to vintage ephemera and cottage/shabby chic home decor items.



I arrived about an hour after the show opened and the place was overrun with shoppers! It was really difficult to wander into any of the booths to take a look at what was being offered. Note to self: Next time go later in the day!



Again, I was trying to take these photos with my Android cell phone without being too inconspicuous, so I’m sorry if my photos are a little blurry. I thought you would like to see them just the same.




Since I am drawn to anything cottage style or Shabby Chic, most of my photos from the show are of that nature. For instance, my most favorite was this white chippy antique dresser. I am sure I could have very easily found a place for it in my home, had it come home with me.




I also really loved this aqua wicker table. Gorgeous!



Another vendor had filled her booth with smaller cottage decor items. Her prices were very reasonable and she had a great selection. Here are some of the pieces that she had for sale.





Don’t you just love these original chippy tin ceiling panels? What beautiful patina they have!




Below are some of the other items that caught my interest at the sale. I really wish that the vintage sewing drawer cabinet was in my budget because I have a dream of painting up some sewing drawers for use in my craft room. They would be perfect for storing so many odds and ends.




Here is what I ended up buying at the sale.




I found a couple more pieces of Transferware to add to my collection. I have been collecting for just over a year now and I have quite a few really nice pieces.




I also found these two small platters in the $1.00 bin. They both will be painted and aged at some point. I think I am going to put a photo transfer in the middle of the brass one after it is painted and then use it as a piece of art for my wall.




I fell in love with this vintage chenille pillow, so it had to come with me. I think the raised floral detail is gorgeous and I think will add some great texture to my collection of pillows.






Finally, this vintage tea towel was in one of the bins at the front of a vendors table. It really caught my eye with its cream linen fabric and its bold black graphic design. For only $2.00 it was a steal! I think I am going to frame it one day and use it as art somewhere in my home.




This towel originally came from from the Canterbury Cathedral in Kent, England. Click here for the virtual tour of the Cathedral. It looks like a very beautiful place. I can only wish that I would be able to visit such a beautiful place some day.




I hope that you found my junkin’ adventure interesting. I would love it if you would please leave me a comment and let know which one of the items I have shown is your favorite.


Till next time…




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Wild Rose Antique Show & a spring-inspired sneak peek

Luckily for us, we have had pretty mild weather here for the past week so I had started to plan my spring projects. I also made up a spring cleaning list for the entire house. We all have to start eventually, even though cleaning is not my favorite past time.

Well, I guess Mother Nature is trying to tell me to hold off for the moment because we woke up this morning to this! Crazy huh? Not so spring-like is it?




This was a full-out blizzard ! Over 15 centimeters of this lovely, white fluffy stuff made its appearance earlier today. Just a couple of days ago, there was no snow on the ground and it was a balmy 15 degrees Celsius (60 degrees Fahrenheit). My poor apple tree’s limbs were really bowing from the weight of the heavy snow. Actually, many tree limbs were down all over the city and this storm made traveling difficult to say the least.



Since my family and I are spending our time in the house anyway, I decided to go with the flow and work on one of my projects that I have been meaning to share with you.



Here is a sneak peek of my spring-inspired art project. You’ll want to stop back tomorrow to see the reveal. This one will be a tutorial so get ready to create some of your own spring-inspired goodness for your home.




On another note, this weekend the Wild Rose Antique Show & Sale is here in Edmonton and I am very excited to check it out! This show only takes place once a year and it is sure to be a good time. Stay tuned for photos from the sale that I will be sharing tomorrow night.


Wild Rose Antique Show

Have a great night!






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Great finds at Elizabeth’s Antique & Collectible Sale

On Friday, my Mom and I made our way to the Elizabeth’s Antique & Collectible Sale here in Edmonton, Alberta and boy was it a lot of fun!



This is my second year attending this sale, which takes place annually in March and November. It is held inside the Alberta Aviation Museum right next to the Edmonton Municipal Airport and it is one of only a handful of antique sales that take place in our city each year.




My Mom and I were some of the first attendees to enter the show and after about 15 minutes the place was packed full.

It was really challenging to snap any pictures with my camera without getting trampled on by the frenzy of people. Besides, some people were looking at me strangely because I was snapping pictures like I was the paparazzi, so I had to at least try to be a little discreet. Quite a few of these older folks know nothing about the Internet, let alone what a blog is!




In the end, I did manage to snap a few pictures of the various items being sold at the sale.




There were a lot of antique bottles, vintage china pieces, lead crystal, vintage linens, small pieces of furniture and other paraphernalia to be found.




There were also a couple of vendors selling Shabby Chic and cottage style wares like these handpainted signs made from old fence boards. I managed to meet the really nice lady who made these signs. She owns the Beach House Cafe in Mullhurst Bay, Alberta which is about 1.5 hours from here. I vowed to pay her a visit later in the spring to see what other great items she has to offer.




I thought this old antique candy machine was really interesting. I wish I would have had time to find the dealer to ask him or her how it would have worked and what types of candies would have been produced with it long ago.




The light green Red Rose coffee box (below) also caught my eye. Wouldn’t it be great to use as a tin to store sewing supplies in a craft room or for its intended purpose; to store tea and coffee in the kitchen?




I did promise my husband that I wouldn’t buy any more large pieces of furniture until I get a chance to finish painting some of the many items that I have stored in the basement, but I did end up buying quite a few nice things anyway. It was hard to pass them up because they were such a great deal.


Here is a sample of some of my favorites that I picked up at the sale.




This heavy old 5 gallon ceramic crock pot made by Med Alta Potteries Ltd. was a steal. I think I may end up using it as a plant pot cover for one of my larger houseplants or as a holder for wrapping paper.

I love to pick up vintage items that can be used in many different ways! It keeps things interesting around here.




I found this great old vintage kitchen scale for only $3.00 (Yes, $3.00!) and it is in great working condition. It just needs a little clean up and then it is ready to use.




My most favorite find of the day was this oval Lichfield china platter. I plan to use this one mainly for display on my vintage plate rack. I am in love with the graphic design along the edges and patina from the all-over crazing on the surface.






I also only paid $3.00 for this little white vintage bottle. I think the raised design on the face of the bottle and and its shape really have a nautical feel.This bottle will look great on my bookshelf with my vintage books.




This caned plant stand with bamboo style legs will be getting a makeover in the near future. It was only $8.00.



I was really happy when I came across this silver tray. It was given to someone as a parting gift for 30 years of service at GWG Jean Company Inc. I am not sure if it is plated silver or the real deal. All I know is that it is really heavy. This tray will just need a good cleanup and polishing and it will look as good as new.




Here are a couple of different pictures that I found as well. They will be nice additions to my growing collection of unique art.




Finally, this vintage bed side tray was another one of my great finds. I was told by the vendor that it was produced sometime in the 40-50′s. It still has the original tag on the back that reads, General Wood Products Company, Rockford, IL, The Golden Rule Line, A True Measure of Value.

It needs a bit of repair and maybe a coat of paint and then I think I will put it to use in my bedroom.






My Mom also came home with quite a few nice items such as a vintage turquoise wicker sewing box, a chenille bedspread, and a really cute set of porcelain owl salt and pepper shakers.

All in all, I think it was a really great day full of many awesome finds. If you live here in Edmonton I hope you will join me for the sale in November. It is sure to be a lot of fun!


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!




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