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If you are a regular follower of my blog you may have noticed that I seem to be creating a lot of art pieces with tutorials lately. Part of it is that I have been in an artistic mood in the last couple of months and the other reason is that it is too cold outside to work on anything else. I can’t paint any large pieces of furniture or do any spray painting outside so I am working hard to finish some of the outstanding projects on the inside of my house. Namely filling up some of the picture frames I have laying around, decluttering and also finishing off some of the home renovation projects that we started but never did finish.

So please bear with me if you are not in need of some inexpensive art pieces for your home at the moment. (You could share them with your friends though or Pin them for inspiration-I would be grateful for that!)  I promise I have other things on the horizon in the next few weeks such as a vintage plate rack for over my dining room buffet, a side table makeover and a recent shopping trip that I went on that I haven’t had time to share with you yet. Stay tuned for the details in the next little while.




I whipped up this little baby last night. I had recently found an amazing butterfly and moth image over at The Graphics Fairy but I wasn’t sure exactly how I was going to use it in my home. Then last night I was relaxing on the couch after the kids had gone to bed and all of a sudden inspiration struck! It was already Midnight but that didn’t stop me. I had an idea and I just had to go with it because there was no way I would be able to sleep if I didn’t. Does that ever happen to you?

I found the perfect frame to use in my basement; this really pretty ornate light gray frame. The raised parts of the frame were originally gold and all I did was sand them down with 400 grit sandpaper. I really like that a little bit of the gold and the gray undercoat really makes the carvings stand out!




As usual, I have included a supply list, tutorial and printable further down in this post so you can make your own Faux Butterfly Art.




I have to say, this piece was one of my favorite ones to do. The most time consuming part was the image transfer but since I do a few of those a week, I can usually get them done in no time at all.

As well, I already had everything on hand so it didn’t cost me anything to create! I love those kind of projects!





My idea for this piece was to create a canvas that looked like an old, tattered book page had been torn from a book and then had been tacked to the canvas. I wanted my image to look worn so I gave my image transfer a light sanding after it was dry to give it some extra aging. I also found some decorative grommets in my craft room that I aged as well and then added them to my canvas to give the appearance of tacks holding up the book page.




What do you think? Doesn’t it look like a vintage book page on the canvas?




Another favorite part of mine is all of the different textures going on at once!


To create your own canvas…


banner supplies - Hooked on Decorating



  • 12″ X 16″ canvas panel
  • wooden picture frame to fit your canvas – optional
  • my customized Butterfly and Moth Printable found below. The original image came from The Graphics Fairy HERE
  • white Artist’s Gesso
  • light gray craft paint (optional)
  • Golden Soft Gel Gloss Medium for transferring your image
  • matte Mod Podge or clear acrylic sealer
  • metal grommets – optional
  • spray bottle
  • dish scrubber
  • paint brushes
  • plastic putty knife or spreader
  • Frog painter’s tape
  • ruler, pencil and an eraser
  • scissors or paper trimmer
  • newspaper to protect your work space


 To save the printable above: Click on the image to open the attachment page then right click on the image to save it to your computer.



  Hooked on Decorating - banner instructions


  •  To prepare the image for printing on your laser printer please follow the steps below. NOTE: If you don’t have a laser printer you could follow the steps below for printing out your image on your inkjet printer and then take your printout to Staples or another photo copy shop and have your image color copied. You will want to make sure your image stays backwards as shown above so that it comes out the correct way when you transfer it.







  • Next, trim your image leaving an even border all the way around.
  • Measure your image and add a 1 cm border to the measurements on all sides. Then subtract the measurements from the size of your canvas on the applicable side and divide by two to find out how wide of a border to leave around your image. For my canvas I measured 5.5 cm for the long sides and 6.0 cm for the short sides from the ends of my canvas.
  • Use your pencil and ruler to transfer your measurements to your canvas. You will be drawing a rectangular box to place your image into.
  • Next place your image in the middle of the rectangle you drew to check that there is an equal border all the way around your image.
  • Then tape the outside of your rectangle using Frog tape painter’s tape. Line up your tape directly on your lines.
  • Apply white Gesso to the inside of your rectangle with a plastic putty knife. Be careful not to get any paint on the outside of your rectangle! Drag the putty knife across the canvas randomly leaving the outer edges uneven and leaving some of the original canvas showing through. If you wish you can also add some light gray craft paint over top to age your canvas further. Leave your canvas to dry.
  • To transfer your image to canvas please read my How to Guide: Transfer Photos to Canvas.
  • Once your transferred image is dry, remove the painter’s tape from your canvas.
  • Optional: To add the metal grommets to your canvas, use a hammer and nail or a drill with drill bit to make a holes in your canvas as shown below. Then rub a light layer of white Gesso onto your grommet and rub off any excess leaving the original finish in the indentations. Push your grommets through the holes and open them up on the back side to secure.
  • Coat your canvas with either 2 coats of matte Mod Podge or 2-3 coats of a clear acrylic spray. I like to use Krylon Matte spray sealer.
  • Optional: Place your canvas into a frame and enjoy!





I’ve already started decorating with all things that remind me of warm weather and Spring! With all of the cloudy, cold weather we have been having, it is a necessity for me.





These shells and sea rocks were brought back from our last trip to Barbados. I think another tropical vacation may be in our near future because right about now I really could use some relaxation and fun in the sun!


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. Donna Huisinga

    And you whipped this up when????

    1. Carrie

      Hi Donna,

      I did it on Friday night. LOL

  2. Cathy

    Hi Carrie,
    Wow tutorial! You’re a great teacher!
    I really like what you did and the grommets are just the icing.
    All the best,

    1. Carrie

      Awww… thanks Cathy! I am so glad you liked it!

  3. Rupa

    You have an amazing blog and great tutorials. So generous of you to share your talent. I love this project, hope to try it. Yes, I get those 11pm creative urges but then I know I have to get up early the next day to get to work and I go to bed feeling disappointed that I couldn’t create :(

    1. Carrie

      Rupa, thank you for your kind comments!You and I sound a lot a like. I get those late night creative urges all the time except most of the time I am too tired to follow through.

  4. Hani Shabbir

    Love the butterflies.. Spring is on us soon! : )

    1. Carrie

      Thanks Hani!

  5. Christine

    This turned out fantastic, what an awesome idea! Late night creative urges are totally the best.

    1. Carrie

      For sure Christine! That is when I do my best work. :) Thanks for stopping by!

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