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“Oh la la”…my latest thrifty finds

Happy Saturday!

I have some great news! I have almost completely recovered from my recent bout of Bell’s Palsy. Thank you to those of you who left me your thoughts on my last post and said that you would keep me in your prayers. I appreciate it so much!

If you have no idea what I am talking about because you are new here or haven’t been to my blog recently, you can read about my little health scare that happened just over a week ago HERE.

Amazingly, my face (and my smile) has about 90% recovered in only three days! Even my doctor was surprised, so I guess I am a fast healer. I’m still really sore and tired, but one day at a time, right? I can tell you that I am excited to get back into blogging and I have a few projects coming up that I’ll be sharing with you soon. You can see a sneak peek of the first one below, behind all of the pillows. Stay tuned!

Even though I have been mostly resting the past couple of weeks, I have also made some time for a little “retail therapy” around town. I don’t know about you, but shopping always makes me feel better, even if it is only window shopping.

So scroll on down to see some of the things that I found while out this past week. Everything I purchased was either on clearance or was for a great price.


Don’t ask, but for some reason there seems to be a bit of a “french” theme going on this time…




First, check out these amazing french scripted pillows that I found at Home Outfitters here in Canada. These pillows are currently on clearance for only $10.49 each! Yup, that’s it! I know, right?

I couldn’t help myself, so I had to buy four of them. Truth be told, I would have bought more but my Mom finally talked some sense into me. Thanks Mom!



These pillows only come in two styles (this one’s my favorite) so I decided to buy two of each pillow. They are of great quality and I love that they have a zipper closure so that the cover can be removed for cleaning, or like mine need, ironing!

I can’t wait to decorate with these. They are yummilicious! (Is that a word?)




Home Outfitters has a big pillow clearance going on right now, so I also picked up a few other pillows while I was there like these nubby, chenille style ones for only $6.99 each.

These are very soft and I think that they will be perfect for my family room couch. I decided that I am going to use them as everyday pillows because for that price they can easily be recovered once my kids get their use out of them. If you have kids, you will know what I mean!




Lastly, this beautiful french script butterfly pillow also came home with me. It too was only $10.49 at Home Outfitters. What a steal!


Good thing that there were only a few styles of pillows on clearance that caught my eye or I could have possibly lost my self control.  It seems that I have a little soft spot for pillows that I didn’t know about until now.

My suggestion to you is if you are from Canada, run, don’t walk to your nearest Home Outfitters (also check The Bay)! Once people get wind of these, they won’t last long.



Finally, at Home Outfitters, I found this Moda French Script shower curtain on clearance regularly $44.00 on sale for $15.00. This will be the perfect little inexpensive update for my main bathroom!







On with the shopping…last week my Mom and I made a stop at IKEA and came across these super cute hobnail-style sundae dishes. Aren’t they the sweetest? Sorry, but I don’t know the name of these because I forgot to take note of it before taking off the stickers for washing.

I picked up six of these at only $1.49 each.




My kids and I are going be making some yummy sundaes in these, I can promise you! I can’t wait to bust out all of my crazy colored ice cream sprinkles. So much fun!




Also at IKEA, I found this really nice Knubbig table lamp for only $16.99. I really like the soft glow that it gives off in my living room.




Here’s my lamp all lit up this evening. So pretty!


(Just in case you are wondering, my previous tutorial to make the bird nest picture above can be found HERE.)


Well, that’s the end of the little round up of treasures that I found while out shopping this past week. What new things for your home have you found lately? I would love to hear about them.


Until next time,






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How to give brass an aged patina

Call it luck, call it fate, call it whatever you like…

Do you ever have those moments where you happen to find the exact thing you are looking for while out shopping?  If you have, then good for you!  I, on the other hand, rarely find what I am looking for.  Whatever it is that I want is no where to be found!

Two weeks ago, on a Saturday, I decided to pay a visit to my local Antique Mall.  I had my heart set on finding a world globe that day.  Yes, I am a little late to the “globe decor party”!  Better late then never, I say!  I didn’t want just any globe though.  I set my sights quite high.  It had to have an antique look to it and it had to be pretty enough to be out on display; either on my desk or on the top of my bookcase. No plastic, tacky globe for me.

I did my usual loop of the store.  I found one globe but it was plastic.  Strike one.  I was just about to leave and saw another globe behind the sales counter.  Bummer!  It was on hold for a customer.  Strike two.  That’s ok, it was a little too big anyway.  Then the stars must have aligned for me when I had decided to do one more pass of the last aisle.  What did I see in one of the booths at the bottom of a shelf tucked behind some wicker baskets?  You guessed it!  The perfect globe for me!

Well, it was almost the perfect globe for me.  I loved that the base was brass, it was also the exact size that I had wanted, the color of the globe was antique looking and it was in great shape with only a few minor scuff marks.  And the best part of all… it was only $20.00!  What a steal for sure!

So what was the problem then? I just wasn’t loving the color of the brass.  It was way too shiny and it made the globe look so cheap.  I wanted it to look like an antique that had been sitting around in someone’s study for a long time collecting dust.  I wanted its finish to look almost like an old penny.

After bringing it home and giving it a good cleaning, I contemplated about what I would use to get the look I was going for.  Why not use my favorite Rub n’ Buff in Spanish Copper?




Have you ever used Rub n’ Buff before?  If you haven’t you are missing out!  This stuff is amazing!



Amaco’s Spanish Copper Rub n’ Buff


You can even tell by my sad looking tube of Spanish Copper above that it has been well used.




You know the one important thing that I forgot to do when working on my globe? I forgot to take a before photo showing its shiny brass finish. Oops!  You can still see a little bit of its former self near the left arrow above.  Don’t you just love it now that it has received a little makeover with Rub n’ Buff?




Spanish Copper gave my globe a gorgeous aged patina.  It only took about five minutes of my time to achieve this new look. Time well spent for sure!



If you haven’t had a chance to try out Rub n’ Buff yet, it is very easy and straight-forward to use.  You just do what its name implies… You rub and then you buff. That’s pretty much it!  I made a set of tips for those of you that are interested.  In case you think you might mess this up somehow.  Believe me, you won’t.  It is that easy!




Two things that  I forgot to add to my list above was to make sure to give your piece a good cleaning before applying the Rub n’ Buff just to make sure all of the grimy spots have been taken care of. Also, a little bit goes a long way with this stuff. You need only to use it sparingly.

Finally, to protect your finish you may want to consider adding a coat of wax over top or if you are applying to something that will be getting a fair amount of use and handling, you will want to seal your finish with a few coats of a protective topcoat.




I just love my globe now!




I also picked up this little wooden cutie that Saturday as well. I was thinking about painting it white or cream but I think I may leave it just the way it is. What do you think?




It must have taken someone a lot of time to carve this.




I hope I have inspired you to give Rub n’ Buff a try sometime. Maybe you have some bright, outdated brass candlesticks, light fixtures, picture frames or ornate mirrors that could use a little bit of Rub n’ Buff.

So far my absolute favorite color out of the 16 colors Amaco offers is Spanish Copper. I also used it to give some interest to the hardware for my thrifty dresser transformation HERE. Other colors of Rub n’ Buff that I have collected are the antique white, the autumn gold and the silver leaf. I have used them to give some patina to many items in my home.


Until next time,




Disclosure: All of the thoughts and ideas expressed in this post about Rub n’ Buff are 100% my own and are of my honest opinion. I have not been asked to give my opinion on this product nor have I been compensated in any way.



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Fueling the creativity: junkin’ on my lunch break

Hello friends! One more day and it is the weekend! Yeah! I am so looking forward to it!

How about you? What do you have planned for this weekend?


When it starts getting closer to the weekend, I find that it is really hard for me to concentrate on my work during the day when all I can think about is heading on over to our local antique mall to check out the new arrivals. What’s a girl to do but sneak over to the said antique mall on her one hour lunch break to get in her “junkin’ fix” for the week.

Shhhhh… please don’t tell my husband. Haha!

Actually, he knows that I sometimes spend time there. He just tells me “don’t bring anything else home!” In reply, I tell him that I am only going there for some inspiration. This is true for the most part, unless I find something that just has to come home with me!

Does your husband or wife say the same thing to you?

I do know that I usually only buy something if it is a great price. I will only go above my budget when I find something that is so incredibly awesome that I just have to have it and if I pass it up I will regret it. So most of the time when I go shopping I come home empty-handed.

I recently made a guideline for myself that I won’t bring anything into my house unless I absolutely love it or I have a use for it. Otherwise if I went crazy shopping everyday and brought all of the things home that caught my attention, my house might be scheduled in for an episode of Hoarders!



Old Strathcona Antique Mall


This is the Antique Mall that I visited yesterday. The Old Strathcona Antique Mall has over 300 booths on two levels and it is filled to the brim with everything vintage and antique including a large assortment of antique furniture. Sometimes there are deals to be had here but most of the time I just go to look around. Unfortunately, some things are way overpriced because the vendors know that people here love to shop for vintage items and they think that people should have to pay extra for it.




There are quite a few booths there displaying Shabby chic and cottage style decor like this one. Do you see the bookcase in the middle of the photo? I like the idea of lining the inside of a bookcase with sheet music! It updates a plain bookcase from boring to fabulous for very little money.




I would of snapped up these transferware dishes in a second but they were a little out of my budget. That’s ok. I will keep an eye out in the thrift stores and at garage sales for some other pieces to add to my collection.




I also loved this bubble milk glass cream and sugar set.  Very unique!




What about this beautiful white cottage night stand?




Or the gorgeous Gothic-style display cabinet on the far left?






There are a lot of these vintage kitchen scales to be found…




and large collections of vintage tins and jars. Do some of these bring back memories or what?




I thought this large framed world map was really cool. If I were to buy it I would paint out the frame white and then distress it before hanging it on my wall in my office.




I really liked this bottle because of its time-worn finish. I think it would be very easy to replicate. All you would need is an empty liquor bottle, a color copy of a vintage label and some Modge Podge and you would have your own distressed bottle.




These vintage books really caught my eye too. I love the raised scrolled design on the spines.






This lamp almost looks like alabaster to me. I think that you could easily replicate this look with a ceramic lamp, some creamy satin spray paint and some modeling clay.






Loads and loads of inspiration around every corner in this place!




I especially loved this picture frame. I want to paint one of my frames in this finish one day.




I see another tutorial in the near future!




Almost the entire top level of this antique mall is filled with antique furniture.




This display just reads “garden style” decor to me. I love the white enamel buckets and the galvanized bins. Wouldn’t everything look wonderful in a potting shed?



There is another important reason why I like to head out to the antique mall every once and a while. They have quite a selection of vintage candy that can be purchased. It brings back great memories from when I was kid.




My husband would be so proud of me this time! I didn’t come home with anything except some great inspiration to fuel my creativity and some of my all-time favorite candies!

I love these things! Once I open the package, 10 minutes later I have eaten the entire thing without even realizing it! They are so yummy!




What are your favorite places to go for inspiration where you live? What vintage items have you found lately? I would love to hear about them.


I hope you enjoyed my little tour of one of our local antique malls. I would have liked to have stayed longer so I could have taken more photos to share with you but there is only so much that can be done in an hour on my lunch break! It’s ok because I am sure I will feel the need to head to the antique mall one day soon when the mood strikes again and I will have more to share.


For those of you that live in the Edmonton, Alberta area I want to pass on a promotion that Leanne over at Apple Box Boutique has going on this Sunday during the Highlands Street Festival. She will be demonstrating the technique of applying Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, answering questions etc. and she is also offering ASCP at $50 per can. Please stop by her blog for more information.


Apple Box Boutique


Well, I am off to bed after a very long day. I injured my back today while helping my husband lift my Mom’s old buffet out of the back of his truck. Oops! I know, I should be more careful! I am fine, just a little sore. I am hoping some good rest will help.


Have a great evening!






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Some of my absolute favorite products for furniture refinishing

Ever since I have been thinking about writing this post, I have had the lyrics from The Sound of Music’s “My Favorite Things” song stuck in my head… and I can’t seem to shake them. Haha! I am really aging myself, aren’t I?


Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
           Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eye lashes
           Silver white winters that melt into spring
           These are a few of my favorite things!   ….La La La La….


Um, ya!  I am such a dork!


Anyway…I digress.



Thrifty Dresser Transformation


Recently, I have been working on making over a couple of pieces of furniture and I decided that I really want to share with you some of the products I use whenever I work on a furniture transformation. Not only do these products make my life a little easier, but they help me to create a professional looking finish every time I paint.

I am not sure if you have had a chance to try out some of these products before, but I highly recommend them. Maybe, they can help to make furniture painting an enjoyable experience for you too!


So, on to the first product…


 Circa 1850 Soft Strip 182044 Gallon


You may be able to relate to this one.

If you ever have had to strip a piece of furniture before, you will know that it can be a messy, stinky and sometimes a very frustrating job. Most paint strippers take a long time to work, or don’t work at all. They can also only be used in a very well ventilated area outdoors because they are so toxic and the clean-up is a real P-I-T-A!

My absolute favorite go-to paint stripper is Circa 1850 Soft Strip Stripper. It works like a charm for me and a little goes a long way with this stuff! I have had this bottle above for quite some time and it is still at least half full and I have used it on at least 2 buffet tops and a dresser.

Another huge bonus with this stripper is that it is made without extremely toxic Methylene Chloride or any caustics. It is not non-toxic, but it is a big improvement to regular strippers. It has a pleasant odor (no chemical smell) and it doesn’t make me sick or give me a headache like other paint strippers do (I seem to have developed sensitivity to chemical smells over the years because of the toxic cleaning products I used to use).

Please remember though, when using this product, you must still wear eye protection, a face mask, gloves, preferably the nitrile kind, and long sleeves/long pants. Keep in mind that this stripper is supposed to take paint off so you can imagine what it could do to your skin or your eyes if you get some on you! It would also be best to work with it near an open window or in your garage where there is some ventilation. Also, if you are making over an older piece of furniture, make sure you test for lead paint before stripping the paint or even sanding. Your health and your safety is the most important thing!

Finally, I have found that this paint stripper also has an easy clean-up. So helpful!

I won’t get into details right now about its application, but please stay tuned for my upcoming tutorial on how I strip furniture.



img_3263 Home Hardware’s, Natura Safe Prep


As you may know, the majority of second-hand furniture that can be found today is very grimy and is covered in oils and other nasties that can cause paint not to stick, especially if it is a vintage or antique piece of furniture. Most people regularly use TSP (trisodium phosphate) as a preparation before painting their walls or pieces of furniture. The only problem with using TSP is that it is toxic to the environment.

I have found a safe alternative. It is called Natura Safe Prep. This stuff is the goods for sure! It is safe for the environment, safe to use, odorless and you don’t have to rinse it off like you do with TSP. It is also very affordable at only $4.99 for a Litre here in Canada. A little goes a long way with this stuff. I just put a couple of tablespoons of Safe Prep into a litre of warm water, wash my furniture piece with a rag, let everything dry and I am ready to paint. So easy!



Glidden Company GL3250 QT Gripper Gray Interior / Exterior Primer


Another product that I use on a regular basis is Glidden Gripper Primer. This is a wonderful bonding primer that also blocks stains. I use it on everything, even pieces of furniture with a very shiny finish. I just give the piece I am painting an all-over light sanding before applying this primer to give the wood a bit of “tooth”. To-date, I have never had a problem with my paint chipping off or the paint not sticking. I usually apply two coats of this primer, letting it dry well in between coats.

If I am working on a few pieces where I will be painting a similar color, I have my primer tinted closely to whatever color I am planning on painting. My favorite color for tinting is Behr Dark Gray. I can post the exact formula here if you like later today. Just let me know if you are interested!



 3M SandBlaster 20400 Between Coats Sandpaper, 9-Inch x 11-Inch, 400-Grit


What’s next? Carrying on!

Let me count the ways I love my 400 grit sandpaper! It is ah-mazing! This is a large part of why my finished pieces of furniture are as smooth as velvet or as soft as a baby’s little feet.  If you haven’t ever used 400 grit sandpaper to sand your furniture before, you are seriously missing out!

I like to sand with 400 grit sandpaper between each and every layer or finish that I apply, whether it be when I am priming, painting or topcoating. I especially like the 3M Sandblaster sandpaper above as it makes light work of what you are sanding.

What I like to do is take one of the sanding sheets out of the package, fold it in half down the middle and then in half again. I then tear the sheet into 4 where I have folded. Lastly, I wrap one of the torn sanding sheets around a rectangular sanding block. This makes a perfect sanding block which works wonderfully to sand the flat parts of your furniture piece like the top, the sides or the doors. I find this method is also cheaper than buying multiple sanding blocks because they wear out really quickly. This way I can re-use my sanding block just by adding new sandpaper around it. Don’t throw out your old sanding blocks! With some new sandpaper, they can be used again and again!



 Hyde Tools 44280 Tack Cloth, 18Ó


What also helps to give your piece of furniture a flawless finish?

Tack cloths do! These little pieces of gooey cloth work perfectly for removing all of your sanding dust, bits of fuzz or any other nasties that will get stuck in your paint finish. They are so inexpensive (only $1.50 each) and find that I usually use at least two tack cloths per piece of furniture that I am working on. I tend to use one for the primer and paint layers and then I reserve a brand new one for the top coat layers.

I can’t say enough good things about tack cloths! To me, they are essential!




Lastly, I have been buying these inexpensive dollar store paint brushes for at least 6 months now. These are not just any paint brushes from the dollar store. Why do I love them so much? First of all these paint brushes barely shed as compared to regular cheap paint brushes. I can finish an entire project and these brushes haven’t lost a single bristle or the odd time it only happens once. There is almost nothing worse than painting and having to pick bristles out of your newly painted finish.

These paint brushes are also super soft and very easy to wash. I love to use them for applying gel medium to my photo transfers (I use the biggest brush), applying Mod Podge to a finished project, doing touch-ups to my paint finish or for cutting-in on a piece of furniture before rolling the rest with a roller. Because these brushes are so soft, there are barely any brush strokes in my paint finish.

You can see my love for these brushes in my previous posts below.



Framed Storage Box {How To}



A Spring-inspired Photo Transfer Project – Tutorial


Where can you find out more about these products? For most of the products I have mentioned, you can just click on the link below each of the photos to go to Amazon (my affiliate sponsor) or Home Hardware or you should also be able to find them at your local hardware store.

I hope you found this review of my favorite products helpful. I really wish when had I started painting way back when that someone had told me what products they like to use because it would have saved me buying a lot of crappy things that didn’t work worth a darn. What a lot of money I wasted!

So please stay tuned for more product reviews. I plan to share some more of my other favorite products with you again soon.


UPDATE: To read PART TWO of this post please click here.


I would love to hear if you have used any of these products in the past and whether you like them or not. Also,  if you have any of your own favorites, we would love to hear about them!


As always, thank you for all your support, comments, Facebook likes, tweets, and pins this week.


I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!






This affiliate-sponsored post has been written by me. All of the thoughts expressed about the suggested products in this post are 100% my own and are of my honest opinion. Please take precautions when using the products I have mentioned and familiarize yourself with the instructions on the labels before use.

You can read my full disclosure here.



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My latest thrifty finds & one of my favorite pastimes

I’m back to work today after a fairly busy long weekend spending time with my family, working in the garage on my projects and running around doing a bit of shopping. Monday was Victoria Day here in Canada so we all had the day off. Woo hoo! I wish every weekend could be a long weekend, don’t you? I could get so much more accomplished if only I had an extra day to myself each week!

On Saturday, I left the house early and headed over to our local Farmer’s Market so that I could pick up some goodies for my children (Ukranian chicken dumplings, organic garlic & rosemary chicken sausages and locally-grown baby carrots. YUM!). On the way back I stopped to check out some garage sales and I ended up finding a few cool things this time.

Before I share with you what I found, I have been meaning to show you this Paris map art that I picked up at Home Sense (aka Home Goods) a couple of weeks ago. It was on sale for 50% off so decided that I had to have it. This piece is quite large and it is a steal at that price. I have been searching for a large map to frame for one of my walls and the added bonus is that this map has been transferred onto burlap. I love burlap and the texture it provides in a space! Once I get my living room painted and decide exactly where this is going in the room, I will post some updated photos so you can see how it looks.








Here are the treasures that I found while out garage sale’n (a word I made up) this past weekend. These cute milk glass compote dishes caught my eye so I had to have them. I thought that they would look great stacked up inside each other so made a tiered display with them and added a seeded sphere to the top to give the vignette some texture and interest. I have sometimes seen these compote dishes at thrift stores so now I am on the hunt for a tiny compote dish that matches the other two so I can make a three tiered stand. I think it would look cool on a buffet with candies in each of the dishes at Christmas time, with a candle at the top or with some glittery baubles spilling out of them.




Check out the scalloped design on the edges. This is my favorite part!




I also found this pair of hobnail milk glass candle sticks and a little glass leaf dish. The candlesticks were $4.00 for the set and the leaf dish was only $1.00.




The dish already has some patina as it is losing a bit of its silver leafing on the back. I kind of like it that way so I think I will leave it alone for now.




This cedar storage box and milk glass goblet also came home with me.




I love the design on the top of the cedar box but I don’t really care for its finish so I have plans to paint it in the next little while. I will share the after with you when it is all finished.




I think overall, it was a pretty successful morning of garage sale shopping. How about you? What new things have you found lately at garage sales, in the stores or at flea markets?  I would love to hear about what you’ve found.



I have something else that I have been wanting to share with you…


You may not know this about me, but I have another favorite pastime besides painting furniture and working on other decorating projects for my home! I also love to garden!

I started gardening about 9 years when we moved into our current home. Prior to this, we had always lived in apartments and townhouses so I never had a chance to try out my “green thumb” other than taking care of a few houseplants.

I kind of threw myself into gardening as our backyard started out as a clean slate and something needed to be done with it, and quick! The 35′X75′ space consisted of 50% grass/50% vegetable garden which took up the entire yard. Oh and there were so many, many invasive weeds that I couldn’t keep up!

It took me at least seven years of hard work to get my garden where it is today. We put in a cottage-style wooden shed that my uncle helped us build and also a brand new fence. Most of my backyard is now mulch, trees, shrubs and perennials with only a small grass area in the middle. It still needs a lot of work but since we are planning to move next spring, I won’t be making too many more changes. I am just going to enjoy what I have done so far and try to finish off some unfinished projects to get our house ready to sell. I am hoping that when we move I can create a brand new garden at our new house. I will already know what works and what doesn’t and then I can make a plan so that I can include everything in a space that my family will use and enjoy.

Below you will find photos of some of my plants that are currently in bloom in my garden this week. Hopefully one day I will feel comfortable sharing some full-view shots with you after I have a chance to finish up a few outstanding projects. Perhaps having this blog will help me get my rear into gear to finish up my projects so that I can post the photos here for you to see. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these photos. I know they are not decorating related but just the same, looking at them and sharing them with you puts me in good spirits. So, you may see some garden shots shared on my blog from time-to-time.



In other news, once this rainy weather clears up later this week I will finally be able to take some photos of my Mom’s buffet turned TV cabinet makeover. I can’t wait to show you what she looks like now!


Until next time!








Close-up of a fuchsia pink tulip



 Fuchsia tulips in May



 Purple Pasque flower



 Close-up purple Pasque flower



 Purple Primulas (Primroses) in my shade garden


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